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About matt

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my work! Let me just take a second to introduce myself! My name is Matt and I LOVE adventure. You might be wondering why this dude from Chicago is all about adventure and still living here! Let me explain. I found my passion for adventure while living in the Pacific Northwest as a 19-year-old, attempting to create my own adventure in life. I was studying to become a pastor during my time out in the PNW. I would go hiking all the time with friends in some epic locations and absolutely fell in love with capturing our stories on my iPhone. I wanted something better; I wanted to share my adventurous stories better. It was in the year of 2015 that I picked up a camera on black Friday and started shooting. I fell in love day #1. You still might be wondering, "Why Chicago and why the mountain logo?". Honestly, outside of love, I don't think there is anything better to represent adventure other than the mountains. And let's be real, if you weren't entering into some new adventure in life, you probably wouldn't be hitting me up right now... Many people who take photos and film consider themselves artists. And that's dope, but that's not the main motivation for me. Nah, I'm an adventurer; and I like to capture my adventures well. 


So why weddings? The only thing more adventurous than climbing a dangerous mountain is love!! Funny story, I actually believe that so deeply, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor as well!


 Love is immense and love gives you that adrenaline rush that is even greater than climbing a mountain.

Isn't every story worth telling an adventurous one to some degree? So, whether your story is your wedding day, your position as a mother or father during your current life stage, a senior about to end one adventure and start a new one, or you are trying to tell your company's story, I am here for it.


As a therapist I get to hear stories and help people discover meaning. As a photographer and film maker, I get to help people capture it well and share their's. 

Life's an Adventure. Go and Capture It.

Where my work has taken me

My work has taken me to some incredible places all over the world: Iceland, El Salvador, Washington, Montana, Colorado and elsewhere. 

What if matt is booked for my date?

Still want the same quality and approach as Matt in your wedding photographer? Luckily Matt Warren Photography has film makers and photographers that have been working with him for years. Check out their bios below:

Photo by J.D. Byrne


Senior cinematographer

Matt first met Jack early in their careers. Matt and Jack were just getting started with film making and photography in 2015 when they met working a wedding together. Fast forward 8 years later and Jack is Matt's main film maker. Jack has filmed Matt's wedding, Matt's sister's wedding, and Matt's best man's wedding. He does 20+ wedding for Matt Warren Photography ever year. He is one of the most fun-loving and helpful people you’ll ever meet.

When he is not working for MWP, he is heavily involved in filming and photographing concerts and the New York City Music scene.

Jack's pricing will be equivalent to Matt's Pricing as a senior shooter.



Associate photographer

Nellie has recently joined the MWP crew and has been shooting weddings for a few years now! When I asked her why she wanted to associate shoot, she said she loves people and loves photography!! What more could you want for your wedding?! She’s a person who simply loves her job and wants to spend more time with people than doing all of the tasks associated with running a business.

Nellie will absolutely be your hype-girl on your wedding day and has an incredible gift of making her couples feel comfortable in front the camera.

If Matt is booked, Nellie will be a great fit for your big day!


Nellie's prices start at $3,700 for 6 hours. 


associate photographer

Matt first met Dustin in 2018 when they were working a wedding with a mutual friend. Matt discovered that Dustin was entering into the same Masters program for counseling. Through both shared passions, Matt figured that Dustin's heart would be perfect for the team! Dustin's approach to weddings is intimate and close. I chose Dustin to assist alongside another friend to capture my own wedding and throughout our day he had a soft demeanor yet assertive direction, which was perfect because there was no stress added to our day.

When he is not working for MWP, he is working for Illinois State's college ministry. 

If Matt is booked, Dustin will be a great fit for your big day!


Dustin's prices start at $3,700 for 6 hours.  



Tel: 815-814-8871  |  Email:

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